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Connecting to the CS Department Login Servers

jhj7476/ September 25, 2020/ General, WMU Elearning/ 0 comments

In this post, we’ll see how we can connect to the CS Department Login Servers so that we have a command-line Linux interface to work with. VPN: The first step will be to install a VPN client so that we can access protected network resources from off-campus. You will need to use the VPN client to access the Login servers

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Installing OpenVAS on Ubuntu 18.04 Server

jhj7476/ April 3, 2019/ General, Security/ 0 comments

OpenVAS, also known as Greenbone, is a security vulnerability scanner. In this post, I’ll show you a step-by-step method to get OpenVAS up and running on an Ubuntu 18.04 Server so you can automate security scanning of your systems. The first thing we’ll do, of course, is to make sure that our Ubuntu 18.04 server is all up-to-date: Next, we’ll

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Setting up WMU Elearning Notifications

jhj7476/ October 24, 2018/ General, WMU Elearning/ 0 comments

If you’re in a class that uses Elearning for content distribution and news, you need to check in on what’s going on fairly often to make sure you don’t miss anything. In this post, I’ll show you how to set your email or SMS notifications so that you’ll be sure to be notified of important changes in your course. Step

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Welcome to my site!

jhj7476/ September 2, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Welcome to my faculty website! You’ll find information here about me, my courses, and interesting (hopefully) blog posts about security, education, and techy stuff in general. Enjoy!